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We are a faith-based organization that restores the broken lives of children in Mexico and shows them that all things are possible with God.

Eduardo Salas Hernandez

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 Our Mission:

The mission of New Dawning Children's Home is to transform the lives of orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children by providing a safe, secure, healthy, and nurturing environment

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filled with unconditional love. In addition, it is our mission to provide educational and training opportunities, which will afford these children a chance to become independent adults, and enable them to grow into caring and productive members of their communities who give back to those in need.



Dear Partners
  We have now completed the remodeling of the buildings. In December of last year we were awarded the permits needed to be able to operate the Children's Home.  With that behind us we began to get the word out that we could now accept children.  Then in January we accepted the first two children.
 Claudia and Eduardo are brother and sister and came to us from the State because their father was violent and physically abusive.  Since their arrival they have adjusted well and are improving in school.  They are very polite and grateful for all we do for them.  Now that they have a bright future ahead Claudia wants to be an attorney and Eduardo an architect.  We thank God for bringing them to us and having an opportunity to impact their lives.  Then on March 17th the State sent us two more girls.  Nineth who is 14 and Paola who is 13.   They come from different families but neither one had either parent in their lives and was being raised by elderly grandparents  who could no longer physically nor financially raise them.  After being on the streets the State brought them to us.  We are getting them back enrolled in School and they too are adjusting well to living here.  Like Claudia and Eduardo we thank God for them coming to us and pray that we can make a difference in their lives. 
We welcome the arrival of our new Assistant Directors of the Children's Home.  Both are Bible School graduates and Sarai has a degree in psychology.  We believe they will be great assets to the home.
We are in need of a small pick up to use for doing maintenance and running errands.   The van we have is great but is expensive to drive around when we don't need to transport the kids to church, school or other activities.  Maybe there is someone that has one they would like to donate or would like to purchase a good used pick up for that purpose.  
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